Friday, July 20, 2012

Response to Colorado Shootings last night...

“My God, it’s Chaos!” As the tragic gunshots of Colorado echo inside our collectively stunned hearts, the cries of victims ring out daily from the bloodied streets of Syria to the dying barrios of Jaurez. It seems as though ‘chaos’ has come alive, and gripped our world by the throat.

 In the biblical account of creation, the first recorded acts of God, it says there was, “chaos across the face of the earth.” So what did he do? He thundered across the universe a phrase that is still alive today; “Let there be light!”

 How do we respond to the chaos across the globe, thinking people must boldly declare, “Let there be light!” Light brings clarity to life. ‘Let there be light’ is about the championing of truth, honor and love.

Truth when spoken in love brings unity, healing and wholeness. The world needs you to speak truth to your children, to your employees, to your friends…to live in truth. Truth breeds a mature spirit. A mature person acts in the interests of everyone, not just selfishly as a child would. Truth is the center of mutual respect, integrity and honesty.

Honor is the awareness of the needs of others. Giving others equal value as they navigate the tides of life. Honor speaks highly of others, helps others, applauds the efforts of others, notices the needs of friends. Honoring others brings a pure motive to your heart.

Love is the desire to help or assist another even at your own expense. Love does not demand its own way, is not greedy or arrogant. Giving is the fullest expression of unselfish love, preferring others. Living linked to others, succeeding in life without stepping on those around us.

 Truth, honor and love demand that we speak out about prejudice, violent video games, the childishness of parents fighting at children’s games, the out of control porn industry, deadbeat dads, the glorification of war, the demeaning words we use for each other, the objectification of girls, the loosing of any moral standard. Someone needs to speak out - 'let there be light!' The world needs you to be a good dad, a good mom, a good mentor. You hold the key in your own heart… find someone who needs you. Help them turn on the light in their own lives. If we all do this, the light will fill the earth.

 Of all the things that Jesus was called, the opening line of his introduction by St. John might be the most significant… He has come as ‘the light’. It was the link to his title as ‘Prince of Peace’. Let your faith build a bridge of light for generations to come. Let’s speak to the chaos around us and declare, “Let there be light!”

Monday, July 2, 2012

Where is William Penn when we need him?

The Moral Compass of a Man of Faith; His first book got him arrested. When the jury refused to convict him, the judge put both him and the jury in prison. Later, the writings of this radical man became foundational for the Constitution of the United States. If George Washington is the “Father of our nation,” then William Penn is the “Grandfather.” Penn’s nonconformist views and actions would brand him a radical even today. Yet this man, so often overlooked by contemporary culture, held an ideal of freedom in his heart that still beats in the heart of our nation three hundred years later. His faith in God, his Biblical perspectives drew him into the fray, not away. About his faith in God and his involvement in culture, Penn said, “It is impossible that any people of government should ever prosper, where men render not unto God, that which is God's, as well as to Caesar, that which is Caesar's.” To have faith, was to be involved. William Penn landed in a splintered land of disparate viewpoints and unyielding religious prejudices in 1682. The hardy colonists who had endured the religious persecution of Europe and the murderous seas of the North Atlantic were now resigned to religious fiefdoms in separate colonies that were often as treacherous as the religious tyranny they had fled. In deep contrast William Penn had dreams of an open and free State, one where everyone was welcome, where Biblical freedom was the foundational truth and no one was unduly prosecuted because of his church or her beliefs. He settled in a place he named “Sylvania.” To assure Penn his rights, King Charles renamed it “Pennsylvania.” Penn named his first grand village “Philadelphia,” the “City of Brotherly Love.” His belief was that religion allowed freedom for men and harmony between them “since Religion itself is nothing else but Love to God and Man.” He wrote, “For where there is not Love; there is Fear: But perfect Love casts out Fear. Love is above all; and when it prevails in us all, we shall all be Lovely, and in Love with God and one with another." In contrast to the theologies of the other colonies, Penn stood strong against people being forced to attend a certain church, or have the badge of one chosen sect to do business. Penn even paid the locals, the Native Americans, for the land that King Charles had given him. Penn was revolutionary in the way he governed his colony. He claimed that “if we will not be governed by God, we must be governed by tyrants." His understanding of the Bible led him to advocate for and institute public education for all children, due process for people charged of crimes, equal rights for women, a free press, a written state constitution and a sense of brotherhood and mutual respect. His methods and reasoning were so persuasive that his capital, Philadelphia, became the first capital of the new nation, the United States of America. Where did Penn get his moral compass? He wrote in his second book, No Cross, No Crown, “true religion does not draw men out of the world but enables them to live better in it and excites their endeavors to mend it.” His compass was an ancient one, one that had stood the test of time, the Holy Bible. Penn’s life was fully absorbed by his faith in God, his belief in the veracity of the Bible and his sense of the uniqueness of all mankind. Far from becoming a religious bigot due to his unwavering belief in the Christian God, William Penn based his arguments for all people to have religious freedom on the pages of the Scripture he loved. He wrote that people were “born with a title to perfect freedom and uncontrolled enjoyment of all the rights and privileges of the law of nature.” In his own way, my father taught me what William Penn taught a young nation. He said, “A nation is not great by virtue of its wealth, but by the wealth of its virtue.” He also taught me, “private philosophy determines public performance.” Our nation is increasingly bifurcated, not along political lines, but within the very lives of individuals. Leaders attempting to live a public morality intended to please a constituency or community often practice a personal immorality intended to please only their own selfish desires. The nation has reeled from the scandals caused by such leaders so often that we have lost our ability to express shock and awe. “Such a shame” is now just “more of the same.” Where are the William Penn’s today? Where are the leaders who will honor their moral compass over the winds of political expedience? Where will we find men who will prefer the freedom of others over personal gain or those who fully believe in the right of all to have a voice, to have the freedom of choice that comes with a culture based on mutual respect and trust? Penn wrote that, “No one can be put out of his estate and subjected to the political view of another, without his consent." Yet today public discourse is fraught with the demand that those with opposing views abdicate, or at the least it is demanded that they quiet their views. Penn believed that everyone had a voice… that the Bible taught the involvement of all good people, with good will towards each other, and that all discussion lead, at the least to a mutual respect. Let Penn’s words be a guiding light for you and me, and hopefully for a new generation of leaders, “"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness or abilities that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." Against powerful business interests, narrow-minded zealots and the courts of Europe William Penn stood strong. He could be described in the writings of his beloved Apostle Paul in a letter that Paul wrote to the church in Corinth… “You have ten thousand instructors, but not many fathers.” The principle is that an instructor tells you what he knows, but a father gives you who he is. Penn gave us his life, his honor, his word. Where’s William Penn when we need him?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Photos Please.

Seriously - there will be no photos from the meetings I'm in right now... As you read this, myself and key CMN allies are conducting an important summit in an undisclosed European location strategizing a major thrust into the Middle East. It is humbling to be among men who are risking their lives daily for the Kingdom – even to be here is a risk… as the man sitting to my right just confided – “I have spies watching me all over Europe”. Wow, this is really the frontlines we are on – you and I are part of a great harvest of souls, it is exciting, exhilarating - We are part of a strong, multi-denominational outreach, and we intend to RESCUE MEN! We will not back off.

I'll post photos later this week from the highly successful global Lions Roar in Dallas, and the UK Summit in London... also great stuff in Helsinki last week.

Today - please pray for this summit - and for these men as they go back to dangerous situations... and, for how CMN can help them build strong men and strong churches.



Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Hero is Tragically Gone

I've been kicked in the heart - a great man of God has just tragically lost his life in Uganda - Ps. Leo Godzich with three others have just been in a tragic wreck and gone to be with the Lord. Leo and his wife Molly have been Tommy Barnett's assoc. pastors for decades and founded a powerful ministry National Assoc of Marriage Enrichment. NAME. It's active around the world with over 8,000 trained counselors. They have three daughters.

It is inexpressible the depth of pain we all feel... Our friend Alex Mitala was on the scene, waiting for the ambulance when Joann, my sister called him and confirmed the terrible news.

Please pray for Molly and their family - and all the families, churches, ministries involved.
We have only one course of action, our resolve - to move forward with all strength and vigor - with all the power of the anointing of God Almighty and do damage to the enemy - RESCUE those who are lost and dying.
Leo was a wonderful friend - we just messaged each other last night.
He and my dad loved each other - Leo has been a close friend for 25 years.
He will be so very missed... this really hurts.
Deeply love your family and loved ones... and tell them often.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Remembering Mike Bower

Mike Bower - a commissioned man, was laid to rest today in Tacoma, Washington. Mike left thousands of friends, and his lovely wife Barb and daughter Jordan.
We loved Mike Bower. It is a deep sense of profound loss that grips us today, and yet we know the wonderful promise that one day, we will see Mike again.
He was a real man. A friend. A brother. He was a man who lived the truth, that Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.
Mike Bower was the man you want your son to grow up to be like.
A man of character, courage and compassion. He loved God, and God really loved Mike.
Mike knew what life was like on the fringes, so he lived to reach men in the margins of life.
An encouraging word, a smile, the hug of a brother, ready to help - that's how I remember Mike.
He was a man like David - a man after God's own heart.
While culture looks for better methods, God looks for better men... and, that was Mike Bower.
For all who may read this, for those who are listening to this note right now, there is one admonition I give to you today - it's your time to step up... Mike left a gap in the line, and it's your turn.
And, if you want to know how to do what's next - there's one powerful instruction I can give you...
I loved that crazy, wonderful man. I miss him. No matter where I was anywhere around the world - I knew Mike was praying for me. And, he was always the first to give to see the work increase.
For the rest of my life I will carry Mike in my heart. Every dusty road, every scattered village or high-rise city we walk into, every little church or brilliant cathedral... every time we travel through Germany, Peru or Indonesia or any one of two hundred nations, he will be with us.
And, in every meeting whether large or small - we will teach the men the truths of God's word.
And, then we will teach them this... BE LIKE MIKE.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Prayer Conference Call for Lions Roar2011!

Encourage Men To Pray and Pray Men Pray are partnering with Christian Men's Network to provide a prayer covering for the up coming Lion's Roar 2011 Men's Conference in Dallas, TX 3-5 NOV 2011.
We will host a prayer conference call this TUESDAY EVENING 25OCT11 and the following Tuesday evening 1NOV11 at 9PM CENTRAL-10PM EASTERN.
Call into prayer conference call number 712-432-0234 PassCode 9545870#.
Pass the word and Pray as you are prompted of the Lord with other men around our country and the world. Rev. Rick Lindsay and Rev. Paul Louis Cole.


Thanks for joining us!

Keep fire burning!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jim Garlow's personal letter on LR11

Pastor Jim Garlow - great friend and brother just posted this letter to friends across the nation. Jim is a member of the CMN Ministry Board and Pastor of one of the largest Wesleyan Churches in the world in San Diego. He is a man of vast influence and global impact...

"May I be both frank and very personal?

As a busy pastor, I’m involved in many works. I serve as the Chairman of “Renewing American Leadership,” founded by Newt Gingrich, in Washington DC. I have a special needs child. And, I’ve just brought my beautiful bride home from a stay at a Houston medical center due to her ongoing fight with cancer. As the pastor of a wonderful church, I’ve been privileged to oversee building new facilities, which also meant successfully defending ourselves in a massive construction lawsuit involving 52 subcontractors and 80 insurance carriers.

But, I’m dropping everything I’m doing to be part of the Lions Roar Global Men’s Summit in Dallas, November 3-5, 2011. Why? Because discipling men is the surest method we have to impact culture, change families, strengthen churches, and transform our nation.

May I invite you to prioritize being part of this strategic event?

Discipling men is the model our Lord gave us. To disciple men everywhere is the command our Lord gave us. The fastest way to succeed in the pastorate is to be about what our Lord was about, and to do the first thing He told us to do—make disciples of men.

My denomination, the Wesleyan Church, was founded in 1848 with a goal to abolish slavery. Today, as then, we have evils in the world that we simply must fight. We need men who will lock arms to fight for our families and win more men to Christ.

Let’s not be too busy, or think our own lives are too full, to join with like-minded men, encourage each other to reach more men, encourage men to fulfill God’s call on their lives, and together make an impact on this globe.

I intend to bring a presentation at Lions Roar 2011 that God has forged deep within my heart through the battles of ministry and family life that each man faces. I trust it will touch you. I’ll see you there!

Your friend,

Jim Garlow"